Candle Magic

The usage of candles in magic is essential. We always choose candles of high quality and good combustion. There are many people who manufacture candles on their own. This, of course, requires time! And time is something we all have shortage of!
The choice of colour and shape is important. Lets see the basic colours and their correspondence to magic.


Ideal candle for protection and also discharge of negative influence. For meditation and combustion, too, when having a tarot deck future reading. White contains all colours! It can replace any colour you’re missing! So, white candles should always be in abundance at our magical workshop!


A twofold colour! It removes bad energies and protects from their negativity only after a special ritual! Also, ideal for magic spells of seperation, destruction and dissolution. Don’t burn black candles in your place for no reason! The released vibrations might borne energetically your place.


It symbolises the earth. Something stable. Issues of every day life. It’s a colour that needs attention! It might bring a stable marriage, but may also cause postponements and delays. Don’t burn aimlessly a brown candle in your place.


It’s the ideal candle for money, wealth and abundance! It has therapeutic effects and calms us down. Appropriate for fertility and also accomplishment of our goals, especially those related to career.


It represents mind and fantasy. It offers harmony and easy adaptation to changes. Ideal for divination.


Spirituality and power. It serves to bring thoughts under subjection. It helps in meditation and intellectual development of a person.


A gold and silver candle is, in essence, white with a coloured coating. It represents the Moon. It helps us with our psychic abilities and the development of our intuition. By burning it often, someone discovers that it awakens intellectual skills.


A gold and silver candle is, in essence, white with a coloured coating. Gold is for the Sun! The light and an absolute success. Ideal colour for accomplishment of goals and also for wealth.


It characterizes femininity. It represents tenderness and family. Ideal for magic spells of love and harmony.


Ideal for magic spells of abundance, fortune and attraction. Even attraction about love issues, if it’s necessary for the magic spell.


Red colour gives us strength and intensity! It’s ideal for sex spells and also to rekindle our feelings. Don’t burn red candles in your place for no reason. It might cause you tension!

Magic candle dressing

After choosing the appropriate colour, we engrave the candle. With a special magic knife (athame) or a sharp object (crystal) we engrave on it magic symbols or details of the person for whom the magic spell is casted. Afterwards, we sprinkle some drops of the essential oil for charging candles. Carefully, anoint the magic candle, in the form and manner prescribed in the magic spell, over its whole length from top to bottom. During the process of anointing, we coordinate. We repeatedly tell about our desires! Then, if it’s required by magic spell, we throw on it the magic herbs or magic powders that are needed. Magic herbs should stick on the magic candle.

Candlesticks & Safety

As a basis for magic candles we choose durable candlesticks of high quality. We don’t pick just glass, because they don’t withstand temperature and shatter! Metal candlesticks are ideal! Even better to choose silver! Be careful! We never leave a burning candle unattended! Avoid vents or air currents! Never burn a candle on or near anything that migh catch fire.
Pay attention! Magic candles of poor quality are on market and they are burnt even before the magic ritual is completed! Choose quality products for your magic spells. At the you’ll find magic products of high quality!

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