Energetic Purification – Cleansing of a Place

In our everyday life we come in touch with many people. Friends, familiars, relatives, partners, customers etc. Every person carries their own load and many times we tend to burden ourselves with it. Of course, there are also times when we receive positive energy from a person. Rarely, but it happens.

How can I energetically cleanse my place? To protect myself too from any negative energy that is around me?

I’m gonna tell you what I personally do to achieve that. And trust me, it leads to an essential result.

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Energetic purification – Cleansing of a Place

On a daily basis at my home or my work, I pray. I recite a complete invocation. I shall tell you the process I follow at my home. The procedure is the following:

  • I take a shower. I wash meticulously my whole body.

  • I get dressed in light clothing.

  • I light a charcoal tablet and burn some frankincense. I prefer incense that has smooth and light aroma. Clear incense or arabic oud.

  • I read my prayer and address to god. You can choose your own prayer, but you should always address to God. Don’t equate the Divine Creator with every creation! Namely, what I’m saying is to avoid prayers to angels and saints.

  • After completing the prayer, I ask for the help, protection and mercy of God.

  • When I finish, I open the doors and windows, in order fresh air to enter into the house.

If you do this in your space daily, you’ll see the difference. You’ll have a place energetically cleaned! You’ll feel comfortable and light when being into the house. Even you will feel more safe!

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Other ways of a place’s energetic cleansing 

Cleanse your place energetically for better emotional health. Bring harmony into your life! 
  • Always keep your house clean and in order.

  • Every day open up in order fresh air and ligh to enter into the house.

  • Burn regularly sage incense and pass it through all rooms.

  • Pray often.

  • Place live plants into your house. Cactus absorb negative energy!

  • Boil some sage and mop your house. Be careful! We always mop from inside out!

  • Throw thick salt and charcoal tablets at each corner of the house. Let them there for 7 days and then throw them on earth.

  • Put in a small bag some dried sage and rosemary. Afterwards, place it under the doormat. Renew it every 15 days.

  • Avoid to use plastic or aromatic sprays. If you want to perfume the place, burn pure incense of high quality.

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