Symptoms of magic

Nowadays, magic is very widespread. In order to perform a magical act, some magical materials are needed. These might be candles, ribbons, voodoo dolls and many more! Many times it’s possible to be used eggs, onions and also herbs and roots of plants.

Results and sympotms differ depending on the reason why a magical working is done. It is possible for a wrong choice of a magical task to bring different results than expected! Even unjustifiable use of magic might work against us.

If you suspect that you have fallen prey to magic, don’t worry. Discharging of magic is the only magical working that brings in all occasions, without exemption, totally successful results. Through the power that speech of God has in Holy Quran, there comes the solution and full purification of the person.

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Symptoms of magic

However, general symptoms of somebody or a group of people, who have fallen prey to aggressive magic, are specific. 
  • Aversion to husband/ wife and children.

  • Aggressive attitude toward beloved persons.

  • Back aching and many times itch.

  • Sexual inadequancy or sudden sexual debauchery, while being in a marriage.

  • Arguments and disputes.

  • Blasphemy. Denial of God. Aversion to places of worship.

  • Crying for no reason. Despair and pessimism.

  • Hearing voices. Knocking on door, when nobody is there.

  • Breaks and damages in our house.

  • Feeling heavy when entering home.

  • Intense and sudden anger for no reason.

  • Headaches and persistent migraines.

  • Losses. Both of income and people. Isolation.

  • Uneasy sleep and insomnia.

  • Destruction of our electrical devices at home.

  • Fear, negative thoughts.

  • Intense anxiety when the Holy Quran and prayers against magic are recited.

  • Intense instant beatings on your left side of your body.

  • Intense presence of an entity. Black solid shadows in our place.

  • Strange and sudden sounds without any reason.

  • At many times disturbance of speech and thought.

From time to time, all people go through difficult situations. This doesn’t mean that all of us have fallen prey to magic! Lets don’t overstate things! If this period is continous and repeated, then we should seek for an expert’s advice. Address to an intellectual person.

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