What is time? Does time exist?

What is time? Does time exist? Can time change in space? Queries that concern us all! Studies and great psysicists have tried to give answers to these queries!

What is time?

The sense of time is a human creation. Since when does time exist? Theoretically, time started by the moment of Big Bang. Before this moment, what though? Simply, time didn’t exist! In the first split second after the Big Bang, everything happened too fast! There are two interpetations of the term of time. The interpretation which a human being gives with his senses and time that the human brain perceives!

An individual’s senses perceive time as a repeated motion. Example: The Earth’s rotation around its own axis. This counts as one day. However, if we land on planet Mercury and stay there one day, then… one day would count as 59 earth days! What does this mean? That the way we think of time isn’t a measure with which we can determine time in the universe we live, may be used only to service our social needs on Earth! The same applies to year! One year on planet Jupiter will be 11 earth years! In conclusion, time is just a human construct and nothing more! Time is relevant! Modern-day astrophysicists characterise time as another dimension! A dimension for which, every being who lives inside it, has a false image of!

Another simple example is the night sky. We go outside at night and as we gaze upon the sky we see thousands of stars. What we now see, in our present time, is the ultimate past! Something which again tell us that time is notional! Something which should always keep in mind whoever gets involved with metaphysics!

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Does time exist?

The answer is simple! No! Time doesn’t exist! And this happens because human beings and their senses are not able to comprehend time as dimension of the universe! Humans live in illusion! By using clocks and calendars he tries to count one part of the universe! Wrong! The time-space continuum does not disintegrate! Time is just one forth dimension, which is not perceived by human’s imperfect senses! So, we all live in illusion!

One last example that could help understand all the above mentioned, is the following! Human in his everyday life grows with a particular rate. This rate is measured in days, months and years. This is the way humans measure it on Earth!

Lets suppose that we change the tool to measure rate. What will we achieve? Nothing! The tool to measure doesn’t change the rate of measure!

So, we live in a universe where time, as we’ve perceived it in our earth life, doesn’t exist! Phrases we have in our vocabulary like tomorrow, in a while, now, yesterday, never… have no sense at all! In the universe, of which we’re part of, they don’t exist! At this point, metaphysics is allied to psysics! To the great psysicists, who our earth mind is difficult to comprehend!

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